Hotmatic AMP 70 

The reliable hotformer for a varied range of parts 

The Hotmatic AMP 70 is larger than the AMP 50 XL in every respect. This means that it is ideal for large gear wheels, flanges and hubs, and as the HFE version it can forge large universal shafts and journals. HFE (Hot Forward Extrusion) means forwards extruded parts at forging temperature. The part is held and transported in the machine by the smallest and not the largest diameter.

The machine is available in four different technical versions: AMP 70, AMP 70 XL, AMP 70 HFE, AMP 70 XL-HFE

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  • Very diverse parts range
  • Forwards extruded forgings (HFE version)
  • Servo infeed in combination with ESA 600 for maximum process reliability
  • Up to 5 kg part weight
  • Innovative touchscreen machine controls
  • 15,000 kN total tonnage

Possible applications 

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