Added value for our customers – Digital Services

Under the Hatebur Connect label, Hatebur will offer a range of digital services in the future.

Hatebur Connect is synonymous with the point where data, expertise and personal contacts meet. Under the Hatebur Connect label, Hatebur will offer a range of digital services in the future. These are available in a variety of expansion stages and offer customers real added value. Our new customer platform provides an excellent entry point into the world of Hatebur Connect.

With the new Hatebur Connect platform, customers will be able to find all information about Hatebur machines in one central location. This also enables the new digital services to be booked and managed.

The new digital services offer, for example, the continuous evaluation of machine performance, as well as the analysis and evaluation of the collected data. These form the basis for further consultation and support. An important point for the reduction of repair costs and downtimes is the digital connection to Hatebur. It enables the Swiss specialists to localize malfunctions and problems quickly and cost-effectively, and in some cases to rectify them online.

In addition, machine setting parameters, for example, can already be optimally designed in the preparation of the production process and existing processes can thus be optimized. Especifically for the COLDmatic machines, thanks to the servo technology, there is the possibility to individually design the kinematics and to adjust the timing to the requirements. This makes it possible to achieve significant increases in various areas without having to adapt the existing tools.

The digital services from Hatebur offer significant advantages and accompany the customer on their way to a digital transformation.

Transparency and data security

When it comes to handling data, one of Hatebur’s top priorities is transparency. The customer should know and be able to control where their data is stored and the purposes for which it is used.

Performance Report

Using the performance report for Hatebur machines, customers are provided with a better overview for the purpose of evaluating their machine and production data. The data is processed and made available in report form on a monthly basis. In the extended scope, the report is supplemented with analyses and interpretation of the transmitted machine data and thus serves to increase efficiency. In this way, recurring problems can also be identified quickly and remedied more easily.

Remote support

The integrated remote access solution enables Hatebur specialists to access the control components of the machine directly from Reinach. To do so, the connection must be enabled by the customer. With the analysis of production data paired with recordings via the remote maintenance system, any malfunctions that occur can be quickly identified and the cause can be verified and remedied as directly as possible. Remote support helps to minimize travel and maintenance costs and, as a result, machine availability can be improved.

Modeled kinematics

With the servo main drive, we offer the opportunity to model the sinusoidal movement of the press, which allows different speeds to be run within a cycle. Adapting the kinematics for the main drive means that significant improvements can be made in terms of the tool life or production quantity without having to adapt the tool or timing. A package with modeled kinematics is available on a subscription basis.

Additionally, we offer our customers the opportunity to adapt the start and stop angle for the transfer unit within a defined corridor to suit the forming process.

Alongside the individual adaptation of the gripper opening and closing speed, this offers new ways to optimize press part transport and parts transfer. This means that process reliability can be improved, while tool design is simplified.

Online timing tool

The online timing tool is the perfect tool for making the most of the new level of freedom available.

⇨ To find out more about this, read our separate report on the online timing tool.

Your contact at Hatebur is more than happy to have a personal discussion with you to provide you with more information and explain the advantages that each version can offer you.


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