Efficient tool developments – the new online timing tool

Hatebur is now offering customers the opportunity to use a timing tool online. This enables the required calculations to be generated during the development.

Two recurring topics among our customers are how to reduce tool costs and how to improve process reliability. Hatebur is here to help – now offering customers the opportunity to use a timing tool online. This enables the required calculations to be generated during the development.

One important element of any optimal production process is ensuring that the machine parameters are set correctly. The machine movement is therefore calculated and depicted in advance. To meet digital transformation and customer needs, Hatebur now offers a new online timing tool.

Designing tool developments

This service is part of the comprehensive, modularly structured Digital Services offered by Hatebur and is available as a standalone module. Once a contract has been signed and user training has been provided, the program can be accessed using a unique account login. It is suitable for determining the timing for complete tool developments, in which case the corresponding CAD data from the individual stages can be read in. The online timing tool offers a significant advantage when it comes to clarifications, as the integrated modeling system can be used to examine parts quickly and without the need for a CAD model. Illustrating the machine movements in a digital design tool in this way enables the performance, for example of the Hatebur COLDmatic CM 725 to be improved in terms of processes and handling.

Visualization of movement

After the sequence of forming stages has been established, the parts can be pushed to the required position within one station. It is also possible to pin the parts on different curves, for instance to visualize the ejector movement with the part.

The timing tool can be used to determine and change the punch penetration depth, the holding pin stroke, the gripper opening and closing processes, the die-side and punchside ejector stroke, the gripper width, the transfer unit movement, and the pressram curve.

Representing correlations

In order to ensure that everything is presented in a clear, comprehensible manner, the tool only shows correlations. For instance, all other curves can be hidden. Thanks to the precise examinations, the tool layout can be designed reliable and ideally for the process, which also helps to reduce tool costs. Furthermore, process reliability can be improved thanks to the optimal design, which reduces machine downtimes to a minimum.

Checking tricky tools

Another benefit of the program is that it enables existing tools that cause recurring malfunctions to be read into the program. These can then be inspected, visualized and optimized.

The settings parameters used in the timing tool can then easily be output and read into the machine. The machine operator can use the checked, approved data to equip the machine and start testing the formed parts on the machine.

At the moment, the timing tool is configured for application for the CM 725 COLDmatic machine; additional machines will be added in stages.

Would you like more information or a personal consultation regarding the online timing tool? Get in touch – we’ll be happy to help.

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