Fastener system on the Hatebur HOTmatic AMP 30 S

Using a fastening tool on the Hatebur HOTmatic AMP 30 S considerably improves the process, thereby achieving higher efficiency.

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The use of new production technologies will allow forgings to be produced near net shape more cost-effectively and using less material. Thanks to a special process, new opportunities are opening up in the field of hot forming. 

Ranges of parts, such as tripods, cardan joints and parts with very complex external geometries, can now be forged free of burrs on a HOTmatic in a closed die.

To test the special process, a special part for the fastening tool was developed at the test center in Reinach, before being thoroughly tested and refined. 

During the new process, the forging is sheared off as normal on the HOTmatic and transported into the first station. The part is forged into a pre-form at this station. The second station, the main forming station, was developed and rebuilt by Hatebur specialists according to the fastening system. 

During this process, the pressurized tanks on the outside of the machine are flange-mounted. Only the lines which pump the water into the tool under high pressure are located in the tool area. With the addition of this special tool, the Hatebur HOTmatic AMP 30 S can reach a clamping force of up to 60 tons. This force is required for forming the special part in a closed die. The punch presses on the moving die to which force is applied, thereby ensuring that the die is closed during the entire forging process. Having a closed die allows for forging that is free of burrs. 

This “water cushion technology” is one of the best methods for producing clamping forces. Using water means that the fastening system can be connected to the normal water circuit and the arduous process of separating different liquids is no longer required.

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