Hatebur COLDmatic: Fast tool changing at the press of a button

The tool-changing concept Variblock has become established at Hatebur. It enables all tools to be replaced as a single unit. Retooling times are therefore optimized and operators benefit from better ergonomics.

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Reducing retooling times

The Variblock module is an exchangeable quick-locking module with which self-centring tool mounting blocks, which are referred to as multiblocks, can be assembled. This module can  be hydraulically locked at the press of a button based on machine visualization. As a result, not every tool has to be individually removed from the machine by the operator, thus reducing retooling times overall and increasing ease of use for personnel.

Repeatability as the key – the system in detail

The lateral positioning of the Variblock module in the machine is achieved via a spherical positioning pin. The height positioning is carried out via securely mounted mechanical stops which guarantee extremely high repetition accuracy. The locking force required for the task is produced by locking tabs, with the module being hydraulically lowered onto the height stops.

Heat expansion? No problem!

Other press manufacturers, in quick-locking systems, often rely on wedge locking systems in which the quick-locking module is supported on the body frame. As a result of process- induced heat expansion, in such systems, the centring between the punch and die changes, which can in turn lead to parts that are not dimensionally stable. To avoid this, at Hatebur we have deliberately opted for central positioning of the module with a ball pin. The tools are also separated from one another by the individual block mounts so that adjacent stages cannot influence one another through heat expansion.

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