Vocational training at Hatebur

Hatebur has been training apprentices since 1954. This means that young people receive solid theoretical and practical training in the mechanical engineering industry. In doing so, the company provides young people with prospects for the future and, if needed, can hire well-educated specialists after they finish their apprenticeship.

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Hatebur has offered design apprenticeships for 66 years. Completion of this training results in a Swiss technical certificate, acknowledging the new employee’s clearly defined expertise to future employers. So far, Hatebur has provided training for over 60 designers.

Four years of training in theory and practice

An open day allows both sides to get to know each other and try out working together before training starts. Currently, one woman and three men are completing their design apprenticeships at Hatebur in Reinach. The apprenticeship lasts four years in total. As an introduction, a young designer undergoes basic training in metals, learning the important work when dealing with various materials and machines. Apprentices are also trained in CAD software in their first year. On one or two days per week, educational training takes place in the vocational college. On the other days, apprentices at Hatebur get to grips with a wide range of work areas and take part in developing high-quality machines for customers all over the world. 

Important day-to-day practice

Hands-on learning and practicing professional principles takes place in regular intercorporate courses. In addition, apprentices attend placements in a foundry and in the Hatebur assembly plant, which gives them a deeper insight into work that, although not strictly linked to their area of specialism, still enhances their understanding of how things are linked for other vocational fields. During their activities in professional practice at Hatebur, the apprentices design individual parts and components for the Hatebur HOTmatic and COLDmatic machines and their tools. They also create precise technical drawings using CAD programs. 

Hatebur offers apprentices the opportunity to take the Swiss Federal Vocational Baccalaureate during their apprenticeship, thereby enabling them to receive an internationally recognized qualification in addition to the Swiss Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training. 

High requirements, yet a good deal of variety

Beyond the professional wish to be designers, young specialists usually harbor a desire to work in the technical industry, with opportunities for further education and the joy of mathematics, physics and geometry. The requirements are high: Enjoyment of mechanical systems and design is a must, combined with a good visualization skills, technical comprehension, analytical thinking and good technical drawing abilities. Successes during the apprenticeships are motivating. The apprentices at Hatebur have the opportunity to contribute in exciting projects where they can start to contribue their own ideas. 

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