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Based in Garlate, Italy, Carlo Salvi develops and manufactures forming machines for cold massive forming and markets them around the world. Founded in 1939, the company has around 90 employees at its sites in Italy, China, the USA and the UK. As experts in 1-die 2-impact presses, 2-die 4-impact presses and progressive presses, Carlo Salvi's products perfectly complement Hatebur's product range.



founded as a family enterprise



locations worldwide



employees worldwide

Management Carlo Salvi

Germano Pandiani

Chief Operating Officer

"The merger between Hatebur and Carlo Salvi has opened up completely new perspectives for us thanks to the extensive range of machines and services, allowing us to develop new markets and customer groups. Now, we are able to offer the right machines, tools and processes for almost any requirement in the forming technology sector."

Marco Pizzi

Chief Commercial Officer

"As part of the Hatebur umbrella brand, Carlo Salvi will remain an independent company specializing in massive forming. We will, however, be able to perform at a significantly higher level and, thanks to the global network, we will be able to offer more options – and therefore more tailored solutions – for our customers. We believe that this puts us in good stead for the future of the market."


Development knowledge and production expertise at one location. Supported by five branches worldwide.

Carlo Salvi S.p.A.

Via Ponte Rotto 67,
23852 Garlate (LC), Italien

T : +39 0341 65 46 11
F : +39 0341 68 28 69

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