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Hatebur is a global developer of and solution provider for machines, tools and procedures for hot and cold forming. The company, with its head office in Reinach, Switzerland, was founded in 1930 and is 100% family-owned. Around 300 employees in Switzerland, China, Japan and Germany ensure the company's leading position on the market and in technology.



founded as a family enterprise



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employees worldwide

Management Hatebur

Thomas Christoffel


„With the integration of the international successful company of Carlo Salvi, Hatebur, the family-owned business, has re-oriented itself strategically. Benefiting from the strength of two established companies, we can further grow, respond to market trends and continue to be an innovative and reliable partner for our customers.

Thomas Hiltmann


"Our decades of in-depth knowledge mean that we are well prepared for the future and for international competition . We are supported by staff who implement their knowledge of products and optimum solutions to generate added value for our customers."

Christian Bürgin

Head of BU Machines

"Regardless of the sector they belong to, we offer our customers an extremely wide range of machines for a variety of applications. This is complemented by technical precision and flexible design options which guarantee optimum production processes and, as a result, maximum efficiency."

Hansjörg Gebhard

Head of BU Services

"Seamless, consistent service for all aspects of production facilities is a key success factor for efficient production – now more than ever. Our global sales network and reliable spare parts supply enable us to offer valuable support for seamless operation and use of all our machines."

Patrick Stemmelin

Head of BU Process and Tool Development

Andreas Matt

Head of Strategic Projects

"To start with, having our process technology and first-class tools perfectly in sync guarantees optimum production. Thanks to modern tools and decades of experience , we select the right processes and parameters to ensure an optimum production workflow."

Ralf Lauer

Head of Procurement

"To guarantee the high level of our machines and spare parts, we ensure that all of our partners and suppliers place the same high value on quality and reliability as we do. As a result, we take into account their specialist expertise and reliability as a supplier, as well as the quality of their processing."

Christoph Pergher

Head of Design and Development

"With its extensive range, Hatebur is primarily known for the high levels of productivity and outstanding reliability of its products. Its machines and systems are not being continuously developed further and optimized for nothing. This is how we as a solution provider use innovative technologies to guarantee that our customers enjoy as many benefits as possible, as well as economic success."

Reinhard Bührer

Head of Marketing and Sales

"The merger between Hatebur and Carlo Salvi has allowed us to reinforce our company's leading position in the market. With the expansion of our range of products and services, we provide our customers with the competitive advantages they need."


Accumulated expertise relating to forming machines at our company headquarters. Supported by six branches worldwide.

Hatebur Umformmaschinen AG
General Guisan-Strasse 21
4153 Reinach, Schweiz
T : +41 61 716 21 11
F : +41 61 716 21 31

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