AMP 50-9: Transfer unit overhaul without shutdown

We support our customers in increasing their efficiency and productivity. To that end, we continually develop not only our machines, but also the processes in our cooperation – such as component overhauls.

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At Hatebur, we consider it one of our core tasks to reduce downtimes as much as possible. For the Hatebur HOTmatic AMP 50-9 transfer unit, we have therefore developed a special exchange program. If an overhaul is due, we send the customer an already overhauled unit. The customer installs this in their machine and sends us the unit that’s in need of repair, which we then process and  store until the next exchange – be it with the same customer or a different one.

No more waiting for a replacement

The exchange program has various advantages. Because there is no downtime, the customer does not have to suffer significant interruptions in production. Even for overhauls announced at short notice, we can immediately provide ready-to-use transfer units. The fact that we can carry out the maintenance work without any time pressure has a positive effect on the quality and the costing: The next customer receives a unit that is practically as good as new and all companies involved benefit from a low fixed price.

Would you like to find out how you can take part in this exchange program, and which other machine types we offer it for? Your contact at Hatebur will be happy to provide you with information.

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