Hatebur integrates subsidiary

Hatebur Metalforming Equipment Ltd. integrates its subsidiary, Hatebur Swiss Precision AG

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Hatebur Swiss Precision AG is being brought under the umbrella of Hatebur Metalforming Equipment Ltd. On January 1st 2018, the parent company from Reinach will integrate its subsidiary into its own company. The assembly plant in Brugg will continue to operate and all jobs will be retained. The company name, Hatebur Swiss Precision AG, will be removed from the market.

Hatebur Metalforming Equipment Ltd. from Reinach, Switzerland, has reorganized its company structure. The Hatebur Swiss Precision AG assembly plant, which has been operating under its own name as an independent subsidiary, will be integrated into the parent company on January 1st 2018. The name of the manufacturing site for Hatebur machines will be removed from the market. "In practice, nothing about the relationships will change," emphasizes Thomas Christoffel, CEO of Hatebur Metalforming Equipment Ltd. The assembly plant in Brugg will continue to operate and all staff will be retained. Plant manager Christian Bürgin will continue to manage the site.

Assembly plant for Hatebur machines

The plant in Brugg has always and will continue to exclusively assemble forming machines for Hatebur. The manufacturing site, which was founded in 2012 and covers around 1600 m², is and will remain the assembly plant for small and medium-sized machines from Hatebur Metalforming Equipment Ltd., through to the Hotmatic HM 35 and Coldmatic CM 725. In 2013, the plant became the legally independent Hatebur Swiss Precision AG due to concerns about risk spreading. Hatebur hopes that the integration will lighten the administrative and financial load. "The introduction of an ERP system in particular would have cost additional time and money which we could not have justified," says Christoffel.

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