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HM 75 factory acceptance test

Possible for large machines remotely too A Hatebur HOTmatic HM 75 XL horizontal forging machine is ready for its factory acceptance test at the Swiss assembly plant in Brugg.

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The factory acceptance test for our machines is linked to contractual commercial milestones, i.e. payment terms and machine delivery. Before the pandemic, the customer was generally on site for the one- or two-day factory acceptance test and the scope of delivery was checked together using a checklist. The most recent factory acceptance tests have taken place either using live online transmission to the customer or, if requested, the scope of delivery is photographed and illustrated and documented in the acceptance checklist. The machine’s test run is then filmed. The illustrated checklist is then sent to the customer. As soon as the countersigned checklist has been sent back to Hatebur, dispatch preparations begin for machine delivery.

Our factory acceptance tests are less differentiated between large and small machines. However, a demonstration production process with a sample part is possible and common for cold machines. Since the bar  heaters and tool cooling on our large machines are only installed at the customer’s site, test production is not possible. A demonstration of the machine during an idle run and at maximum production speed is shown to the customer.

For some machine projects, the differences in power frequency and voltage in global power grids mean that auxiliary drives and peripheral drive motors – in accordance with the Swiss grid standard – are used for the construction and factory acceptance test of our machines. The electronic equipment, ordered specifically for the customer and country, is installed shortly before delivery and only commissioned on the customer’s site.

Since Hatebur supplies its machines worldwide in all language regions, the machine handling information and machine documentation is also translated into the language of the relevant country.

Tool tests are even possible at Hatebur AG in Reinach for certain smaller machine models. Customer tool training, which before the pandemic took place at the same time as the factory acceptance test at Hatebur in Switzerland, is now carried out online. Our customers all over the world appreciate this flexibility from Hatebur, and there have certainly been many advantages from online training. Time-shifted online training at  off-peak times, for example, can result in pre- or post-processing time gaps, which may be beneficial to both parties.

Maintenance and operator training can easily be carried out on site during and after machine commissioning at the customer’s site. In this way, there are positives for our customers resulting from the adapted situation,such as cost-effective processing of the factory acceptance test and customer training, since no extra costs are incurred for travel, accommodation and food for the team. This can also be seen as a contribution toward climate protection.