Impressive assembly plant in Brugg – AMP 50-9 and AMP 70 under construction

The activity in Hatebur’s expanded assembly facilities in Brugg is a spectacular sight: Specialists are assembling two Hatebur HOTmatic machines (AMP 50-9 and AMP 70). As soon as the assembly process is complete, both machines will be shipped to China.

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The base for the construction of both machines is an impressive single piece of cast steel. Hatebur called upon expert companies that specialize in working with large workpieces of this kind for support when postprocessing these parts.

In the assembly halls, specialists from a wide range of technical disciplines are hard at work. They are assembling individual parts and assemblies, which will then be used in the final assembly process. After successful initial commissioning, the machines are put through their paces in a rigorous final check. After this, the systems are readied for shipping, packaged and sent on their way.

When they arrive at their destination – our customer – the systems will be reassembled, commissioned for a second time and tested with the tools produced by Hatebur. Next, in collaboration with the customer, the tools will be optimized, staff will be trained and series production can get started.

Highlights of the AMP 50-9 and AMP 70   

  • High process reliability

  • Optimal material efficiency thanks to servo-infeed and electronic bar end elimination (ESA 600)

  • Intuitive operation

  • Gentle part discharge

  • Efficient cooling system

  • Short retooling times

Need to manufacture high volumes of precision forgings? The hotformers in Hatebur’s HOTmatic series are the perfect choice.

The machines offer significant advantages as they combine precision and parts diversity with an unbeatably high production speed. The production process from bar material is performed fully automatically and is fully monitored. This provides the user with a few competitive advantages: Production costs are reduced, while efficiency and process reliability are improved.

The hotformers are sure to impress, right down to the smallest detail: The servo-infeed for the bars and the shearing mechanism work in perfect harmony. The resulting high quality of the cut-offs forms the perfect basis for the subsequent forming processes. In addition, the precise transfer unit ensures that parts are transferred on with excellent repeat accuracy and positioned precisely. What’s more, the adjustable grippers guarantee that forms and geometries of all kinds are transported safely, and the forgings can be output with almost no points of impact. This is ensured by the lateral part discharge, which is designed specifically for this purpose and also significantly reduces contact between the forgings and the cooling medium.

Combined, all these technical details provide a high level of process reliability.

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