Providing customers with expertise

Hatebur provides its expertise built-up over many years directly to customers.

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Hatebur’s service packages offer customers a broad spectrum of specialized knowledge in order to operate forming systems reliably.

Options include training sessions on tool design, machine operator training and maintenance. They are made up of basic and refresher training sessions, or individual, customized training sessions. Hatebur specialists also provide expertise and production support for complex formed parts.

Offered either in relation to a machine purchase or as a separate service, the training sessions are led by experienced specialists who work on all aspects of Hatebur forming machines every day. Customers’ new employees in particular benefit directly from Hatebur’s many years of expertise. 

Process and tool training

Hatebur has a considerable interest in providing customers with access to the very latest expertise in terms of both tool design and processes. Tool quality and process and tool development are important to ensure efficient forming machine operation, for which intensive tool training sessions are indispensable.

Machine operator and maintenance training

Operating the system correctly helps to prevent typical errors and ensures that the necessary skills are quickly acquired. The greatest advantage is that the system’s efficiency and output are increased. Moreover, a specially 
trained employee is appointed for regular machine maintenance, which is planned in advance, helping to prevent production failures and unnecessary costs.

Training in Reinach or on-site on the customer’s premises

In these times when travel is almost impossible, Hatebur is now offering straightforward online training sessions with various tools, providing the best opportunities to refresh and expand employees’ expertise, or to convey basic knowledge to employees regarding Hatebur forming machines and process and tool development. The training sessions can be carried out in the same way as in-person training, meaning that several people can participate, as before. This saves both money and valuable time that would otherwise be spent traveling. Even though the training programs that we provide are extremely varied, they are precisely tailored – at all times – to the needs of each course participant. Want to know more about what Hatebur has to offer? Contact us for further information with no obligation to buy: hatebur@hatebur.com/T +41 (0) 61 716 21 11.

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