Retirement of Dr. Ziotti, CEO Carlo Salvi

New management team for Carlo Salvi.

The current CEO, Dr. Sergio Ziotti, will be going into welldeserved retirement at the end of 2016. He acquired the company in 1994 following the death of its founder, Carlo Salvi. Under his leadership further development of the company was planned and, from 2002, production was expanded and modernized. The new owner of Carlo Salvi S.p.A., Hatebur Umformmaschinen AG will lead and appoint a new management team for the acquired business based in Garlate, Italy.

In 2014, Carlo Salvi acquired a partner company, a supplier which had reviously contributed the electrical and electronic systems of the machines. This important strategic step secured further production of modern machines and paved the way to high - quality customer service.

In October 2015, the further development of the company was concluded with the addition of a 1300 m2 building and marketing activities were simultaneously strengthened as well.

In order to secure the future of Carlo Salvi, Dr. Sergio Ziotti searched for a suitable successor. With the acquisition of Carlo Salvi, Hatebur took over a modern company for the production of high-performance, high-tech machines in neighboring Europe and their complementary product portfolio. The Swiss firm purchased several of the Italian company's shares and took on all members of staff. Hatebur develops forming machines for hot and cold massive forming and markets them around the globe. This 100% family-owned company was founded in 1930 and currently employs around 180 members of staff at its sites in Switzerland, China, Japan and Germany. Carlo Salvi develops and manufactures forming machines for cold massive forming and markets them around the world. The company was founded in 1939 and currently employs around 92 members of staff at its sites in Italy, China, the USA and the UK. Carlo Salvi is represented in Germany by Stöckinger Maschinenbau GmbH.

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