Smart helmets - for innovative technical support

An example of us overcoming obstacles related to the pandemic and current travel restrictions has been the recent use of smart helmets.

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The smart helmet is a wearable device for delegated engineers that, combined with communication software, connects them with technical staff  based in Reinach in Switzerland. In this way, it is possible to see what the engineer, wearing the helmet is seeing in real time at the customer’s site. The helmet equipment includes a headset with a microphone, cameras, wireless connectivity, sensors to perceive orientation and temperature, and a smart battery system. 

This fully integrated, intelligent, augmented-reality equipment enables innovative technical support. It will provide smart assistance connecting 
engineers with instructions using text, icons, images, and drawings to complete their tasks. For instance, the smart helmet system allows the engineers to access and send digital data (photos or files) about the activity in real time. It enables high-resolution image capture and realtime 
mark-up of images and permits support sessions with multiple participants, including, with video recording and playback. 

Since March 2021, two units have already been on duty at Hatebur. These are currently used at the customer’s site during machines commissioning. We believe that, after successful experiences, later on the smart helmets could be also used for service works and tool trials. The smart helmet is one more step made by Hatebur towards a digital world. 

The helmet kit has been prepared for easy and  fast use at production sites. The service engineers just need to unpack and start using – a plug-and-play system to connect with remote users.

The smart helmet is obviously used only after customer approval and following the local data protection regulations. In addition, the collected data are for a specific purpose only and are not published.

During the installation of a new Hatebur HOTmatic AMP 20 N at a customer production plant, the helmet has been used by Hatebur Service Engineer Peter Weissheim. His colleagues in Reinach, Switzerland, assisted during the inspection and check of the machine. 

Your Advantages:
• Modern and fast solution
• Professional remote support from Swiss specialists
• Avoids expensive and time-consuming travel by experts to customer’s site
• Immediate intervention at customer’s site
• Instructions using text, icons, images, and drawings for easier understanding
• Accessing and sending digital data in real time
• High-resolution image capture
• Permits several people to take part and support during a session
• Additional portable camera provides a practical second viewpoint

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