50 years of collaboration

50 years of collaboration with Synergon S.p.A. from Italy

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In October, Hatebur and Synergon S.p.A. from Milan celebrated 50 years of collaboration. Synergon took on the role of representing Hatebur on the Italian market back in 1967. The Sanclemente family founded Synergon, and Hatebur collaborated with Luigi Sanclemente for many years before his son, Mauro, took over the company and continued it successfully for both sides. 

A total of 38 machines were sold on the Italian market. Three of these were Polymatic, fifteen were Hotmatic AMP 20 and nine were Hotmatic AMP 70. In recent years, and following great effort and hard work, we have managed to sell other machines, such as seven Hotmatic AMP 20 machines, one Hotmatic HM 75 machine and two Hotmatic AMP 30 machines, in this difficult market – where sales teams struggle to achieve high prices and high sales volumes.

The first machines for the Italian market were sold to Pirovano, Litmat Turin and Bombini Roma. However, not all of the machines stayed in Italy, for example some machines were relocated abroad, such as the Hotmatic AMP 70 for Tekfor, the AMP 50, AMP 30 and AMP 20 for FEAT. The spare parts market was difficult, but Hatebur and Synergon managed to work together to offer after-sales services to customers. 

Even though Hatebur now has its own presence in Italy thanks to a subsidiary (Carlo Salvi S.p.A.), we are convinced that, in the hot-forming industry in particular, the outstanding cooperation between Synergon and Hatebur, along with the excellent expertise of our long-term representative, continues to be important to Hatebur. We are looking forward to many more years of working together!

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