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With new control systems – Ready for I4.0

The core of every Hatebur forming machine is the PLC, the programmable logic controller.

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The first Hatebur machine with a Siemens S5 control system was delivered in 1994. The changeover to the Siemens S7-300 and S7-400 control systems began in 1999. We are now changing to the latest generation of Siemens control systems, the S7-1500.

Changing the control system always comes with a great deal of work and a certain level of technical uncertainty, yet also offers new possibilities. Now we have taken the opportunity to integrate the safety technology into the control system, meaning an external safety control system is no longer needed. This saves space in the electrical cabinet, simplifies programming, increases flexibility and facilitates support.

The Siemens TIA framework is used for the programming. TIA stands for “Totally Integrated Automation”, offering a single interface for functionalities
such as control, safety, security and visualization.

Consequently, all equipment is networked with PROFINET and sensors are connected via IO-Link, which ensures advanced data exchange with the
control system at all times and forms the foundation for connecting to machine data logging. 

Our machines are ready for the future with the Siemens S7-1500. The control system provides common interfaces for tasks such as measuring and production data logging, BDE connection or predictive maintenance. Energy management is possible too.

Secomea is used for remote access, as before. Thanks to consistent networking with PROFINET and IO-Link, it is possible to provide efficient support for the machines with Secomea.