Hatebur HOTmatic

Ideally suited to forging precision parts such as wheel flanges, gear wheels, rolling bearing rings and nuts that are produced from steel bars in a fully automated process.


Hatebur COLDmatic

For producing extremely precise and complex formed parts with especially high accuracy, surface finish quality and strength directly from the wire.

Carlo Salvi

Carlo Salvi 1 Die 2 Blow Header

For the production of screw blanks as well as semi-tubular and solid parts at very high production.

Carlo Salvi

Carlo Salvi 2 Die 4 Blow Header

The perfect machines for the manufacture of solid, semi-tubular and fully tubular components as well as for parts with very complex shapes.

Carlo Salvi

Carlo Salvi Progressive Headers

Beside special screws, bolts, solid, semi-tubular and fully tubular components the machines are used to manufacture parts with extremely complex shapes, where shapes, features and tolerances do not enable them to be produced on other headers.

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