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The Carlo Salvi Academy is born: a new project to bring young people closer to the world of work.

Carlo Salvi Academy will develop a series of meetings in the schools of the territory to discuss together with students and experts about the challenges and the founding values of the world of work.

Garlate, June 7, 2019 - Carlo Salvi's gaze is turned to the future: in the eightieth year of its foundation, the Lecco-based company, specialized in the production of innovative molding machines for cold and hot wire deformation, has undertaken a new project for the orientation and approach of young people to the world of work where the protagonists will be precisely the students who will experience a first real approach to the world of work.

The idea of the Carlo Salvi Academy as a professional "training place" was born from the foundation that personal growth begins with professional growth. The Academy will represent a bridge between the academic world, the world of research and the territory. The key element of the project is based on the creation of new forms of dialogue, "laboratories" that produce consciousness and active knowledge.

The project will no longer be only theoretical, but it will become real starting from the school year 2019 - 2020: in fact, today took place the meeting of presentation and collaboration between Carlo Salvi's managers and the Institute "P.A. Fiocchi" of Lecco, represented by the Headmaster, Claudio Lafranconi and the professor coordinator of the mechanical area, Marco Vignoli.

An extremely positive visit that laid the foundation for a collaboration in the next school year. "The openness that our Institute has towards activities of this kind is total - says the Headmaster, Claudio Lafranconi - because thanks to these initiatives our students will have all the opportunities to realize the project of their lives discovering in the real world what are their aptitudes and aspirations".

Carlo Salvi is also enthusiastic about the start of this new training program "We have undertaken the project of the Carlo Salvi Academy because it has become necessary to establish a systematic and concrete connection between school and the world of work: it is becoming a priority to raise the bar of skills in order to insert our young people in the increasingly global competition. The objective of the Academy is to find motivated and prepared figures, to whom we can provide not only technical skills but also "soft skills", such as the ability to manage stress, daily criticalities and long-term planning, so as to provide a real approach to the world of work," said Marco Pizzi, Chief Commercial Officer of Carlo Salvi S.p.A.

"This method of collaboration," continued Germano Pandiani, Chief Operating Officer of Carlo Salvi S.p.A., "will further promote the integration between what is learned in school and what is needed in the world of work. The added value of the Academy is the opportunity to promote and develop skills that are not only technical, but above all personal.