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A success story


Hatebur means not having to worry about reliability or quality. Hatebur has announced this commitment all over the world. Innovative developments, new production methods in cold and hot forming and Hatebur's impressive reliability, in particular, are allowing us to grow even further. Our customers know and value this.

With the development of innovative high-tech machines and intelligent customer solutions, the family-owned Swiss company Hatebur has set a number of milestones in the history of modern horizontal massive forming since it was founded in 1930.

Alongside innovation and proximity to its customers, this traditional company places a high value on reliability, stability and contacts with years of experience.

Our performance. Your advantage.

This is the key idea behind how we do business:

"Our performance" has a competitive feel, is quantifiable and signifies Hatebur's commitment. This promise encompasses the entire range of Hatebur services. The purpose of every aspect of our business operations is to create crucial competitive advantages for our customers.

Your advantage.

Discover our history and tradition


Hatebur Umformmaschinen AG

Founded in Neuss am Rhein, Germany

Hatebur Umformmaschinen AG

Relocates to Basel, Switzerland

Hatebur Umformmaschinen AG

Relocates to Reinach, Switzerland

Hatebur Deutschland GmbH

Wiehl, Germany
Subsidiary opens

Hatebur Japan K.K.

Tokyo, Japan
Subsidiary opens

Hatebur (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd

Shanghai, China
Subsidiary opens

Hatebur Lumag-Service AG

Roggliswil, Switzerland
Subsidiary opens

Claudine Hatebur de Calderón

Paul Hatebur's daughter takes on full responsibility for the company.

Hatebur Swiss Precision AG

Brugg, Schweiz
Subsidiary opens

Hatebur Metalforming Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Shanghai, China
Subsidiary opens

Hatebur and Carlo Salvi. Together since 2016

Merger between Hatebur and Carlo Salvi

Hatebur Swiss Precision AG

Hatebur integrates subsidiary Hatebur Swiss Precision AG under the umbrella of the parent company

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