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Hatebur HOTmatic

Ideally suited to forging precision parts such as wheel flanges, gear wheels, rolling bearing rings and nuts that are produced from steel bars in a fully automated process.


Hatebur COLDmatic

For producing extremely precise and complex formed parts with especially high accuracy, surface finish quality and strength directly from the wire.

Our technology stands for technical precision and constructive flexibility. Our wide range of machines represents a variety of different applications.

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Our performance.
Your advantage.

Hatebur stands for the highest-quality forming machines, services and precision tools. For tradition. Inventiveness. And exceptional market solutions.

Hatebur COLDmatic 725

On site with our customer: Training and production support

Your cooperation with Hatebur does not end the moment an ordered machine is delivered – on the contrary, we attach great importance to ensuring that our customers’ production runs smoothly and cost-effectively. That is why we support you with a selection of tailored services.

Hatebur COLDmatic CM 625/CM 725 also with servo direct drive

AMP 50-9: Transfer unit overhaul without shutdown

We support our customers in increasing their efficiency and productivity. To that end, we continually develop not only our machines, but also the processes in our cooperation – such as component overhauls.

HM 75 XL: Even more flexible with servo technology

Hatebur coldformers have already been using servo electric transfer systems for a number of years. With the introduction of this technology to the Hatebur HOTmatic HM 75 XL, we are writing a new chapter in horizontal hot massive forming.

ILGEN VIDA and Carlo Salvi: Sharing the path to success

When ILGEN VIDA ordered its first Carlo Salvi header in 2003, the company laid the foundation for growth, innovation and a partnership that has flourished for more than two decades.

Review MF-Tokyo 2023

Hatebur and Carlo Salvi participation at MF-Tokyo from 12th- 15th July 2023

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