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Hatebur HOTmatic

Ideally suited to forging precision parts such as wheel flanges, gear wheels, rolling bearing rings and nuts that are produced from steel bars in a fully automated process.


Hatebur COLDmatic

For producing extremely precise and complex formed parts with especially high accuracy, surface finish quality and strength directly from the wire.

Our technology stands for technical precision and constructive flexibility. Our wide range of machines represents a variety of different applications.

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Hatebur stands for the highest-quality forming machines, services and precision tools. For tradition. Inventiveness. And exceptional market solutions.

Hatebur COLDmatic 725

Hatebur COLDmatic CM 625/CM 725 also with servo direct drive

The direct drive, combined with the existing local drives of the CM 625/CM 725, opens up a wide range of untapped possibilities and savings potentials.

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Saving potential with the servohydraulic ejector module

Hatebur recently developed a new servohydraulic ejector module and checked it extensively at a test station. After positive results from the test run, the module was installed on the HOTmatic AMP 30 and successfully tested under real production conditions at the test center in Reinach.

Fastener system on the Hatebur HOTmatic AMP 30 S

Using a fastening tool on the Hatebur HOTmatic AMP 30 S considerably improves the process, thereby achieving higher efficiency.

Interview with Federica Aurora

She joined Carlo Salvi in November 2019 as financial controller and just recently took over as CFO of the company.

Simulation as the key to success

For new developments, Hatebur makes the most of the latest simulation methods to validate the feasibility of innovative technological concepts and to achieve the highest level of output and maximum reliability for your forming machines under a wide range of working conditions.

Review Hatebur - Auto Expo 2023 New Delhi / India

Hatebur and Carlo Salvi participation at Auto Expo in New Delhi from 12th- 15th January 2023

Open heart surgery – Body exchange on a Hatebur AMP 70 HFE

As even long-lasting forging presses like a Hatebur AMP 70 HFE reach their output limits after 20 years, GKN Driveline in Trier commissioned a new Hatebur HOTmatic HM 75 XL in 2011 as a replacement.