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Welcome to our virtual showroom.

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Combined strengths enable outstanding solutions. Your advantage.


Hatebur HOTmatic

Ideally suited to forging precision parts such as wheel flanges, gear wheels, rolling bearing rings and nuts that are produced from steel bars in a fully automated process.


Hatebur COLDmatic

For producing extremely precise and complex formed parts with especially high accuracy, surface finish quality and strength directly from the wire.

Our technology stands for technical precision and constructive flexibility. Our wide range of machines represents a variety of different applications.

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Our performance.
Your advantage.

Hatebur stands for the highest-quality forming machines, services and precision tools. For tradition. Inventiveness. And exceptional market solutions.

Hatebur COLDmatic 725

Revision of COLDmatic AKP 4-5 at LISI AUTOMOTIVE, Dasle, FR

Hatebur had the opportunity to do an interview with Mr. Dominique Garbe, Plant Manager at LISI AUTOMOTIVE in Dasle/France.

Metform and Hatebur write next chapter of success story

The Hatebur HOTmatic AMP 20 N has replaced a 1976 Hatebur AMP 20 in the workshop of hot forging expert Metform, taking production to a whole new level.

Environmental protection and cost reduction: Equipment for oil processing developed in-house

In order for the high-performance Hatebur forming systems to produce parts smoothly in continuous operation, the movable functional units must always be lubricated. What a shame that afterwards the lubricating oil is waste oil. Now, with its new system for oil processing, Hatebur is providing an effective improvement.

Material saving – forging wheel bearings

With minimal use of raw materials, the greatest potential for cost savings on a forging and consistent component quality are achieved on Hatebur HOTmatic machines.

Combining skills and capacities

Collaboration in building electrical cabinets

When two companies are consolidated, experts like to talk about synergies promising the best prospects.

HM 75 factory acceptance test

Possible for large machines remotely too

A Hatebur HOTmatic HM 75 XL horizontal forging machine is ready for its factory acceptance test at the Swiss assembly
plant in Brugg.

Smart helmets - for innovative technical support

An example of us overcoming obstacles related to the pandemic and current travel restrictions has been the recent use of
smart helmets.

With new control systems – Ready for I4.0

The core of every Hatebur forming machine is the PLC, the programmable logic controller.

Open heart surgery – Body exchange on the Hatebur AMP 70 HFE

As even long-lasting forging presses like a Hatebur AMP 70 HFE reach their output limits after 20 years, in 2011 GKN Driveline in Trier commissioned a new Hatebur HOTmatic HM 75 XL as a replacement.

Virtual Showroom

Hatebur COLDmatic CM 625/CM 725

Review Hatebur - IFC Congress, Chicago / US

Review IFC Congress 2022: Hatebur and FES - participation at IFC Congress in Chicago

Review Hatebur - Wire 2022 Düsseldorf / Germany

Review WIRE 2022: Hatebur and Carlo Salvi participation at WIRE 2022 in Düsseldorf

Imtex India 2022

Review of the Imtex Forming 2022 (International Forming Technology Exhibition) in Bangalore, India

CM 625/CM 725 with Servo Direct drive

The Hatebur COLDmatic machines CM 625 and CM 725 will be offered in future with even more unused scopes: The Direct Drive in Combination with exisiting decentralizied drives of the CM 625/CM 725 offers savings potential.