Cutting-edge processes for high quality time and time again.

Manufacturing tools

The tools are produced by long-standing external partners on behalf of Hatebur. They produce individual tools as well as production runs. The established processes such as turning, milling, eroding, grinding and polishing are applied in accordance with Hatebur's specifications. The quality control at Hatebur guarantees high-quality forming tools for customers.

Initial equipment

The tool parts that are produced are assembled, forming station by forming station, into a complete initial equipment tool set and supplied to the customer following quality checks. This ensures reliable and fast set-up, and increases efficiency when inserting new products into the forming machine.

Tool Manufacture

Spare tools for the series production of small to medium batch sizes for all Hatebur hotformers and coldformers are manufactured using the very latest production facilities and heat treatment plants. All manufacturing processes are produced in collaboration with qualified, long-standing partners. Thanks to our design expertise when it comes to forming tools, empirical values are also incorporated into the production of customer tools. This results in an improved service life and better forming results.