On site with our customer: Training and production support

Your cooperation with Hatebur does not end the moment an ordered machine is delivered – on the contrary, we attach great importance to ensuring that our customers’ production runs smoothly and cost-effectively. That is why we support you with a selection of tailored services.

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If our customers are to achieve maximum output with our extraordinarily durable machines, they must be able to rely on smooth production. One of the essential conditions for this is regularly trained specialist staff who are familiar with the operation and adjustment of the machine. The know-how acquired makes the machine operator an important contact person in the production company. They support Tool Design with their knowledge and help shape the future design of the tools.

We train our customers’ employees

We offer our customers a variety of training courses, from one-week machine operator courses to individual courses that are precisely tailored to the company’s needs. Such training courses can take place at our headquarters in Switzerland or directly at our customers’ premises, at their discretion. Whether for one day or more, employees receive practical training on the machine to keep process reliability as high as possible and set-up times as short as necessary.

To ensure successful performance, our specialists get an overview of the tool and the machine. Building on this, they train and advise customers on processes, tools, timing, adjustment and machine issues. The different setting options are played through and practiced on the machine. Tool design can also be integrated into this process. If necessary, we discuss timing issues using the path-time diagram and reinterpret the timing along with the tool design. The in-depth training of the responsible employees contributes significantly to the prevention of process disruptions and setting errors. This not only prevents unnecessary downtime, but also significantly reduces machine wear.

“Tapping” in to Hatebur’s concentrated know-how

As part of the debriefing, our application engineer can access the various specialist departments if required, and obtain the necessary information. Drawing on our knowledge and almost 100 years of experience, we guarantee that we will find the optimal solution for any problems that arise in a training course. This is how we create methods and optimizations that lead to long-term process improvements. We explain these methods and their correct application in detail to our customers’ employees: Well-trained staff efficiently prevent and detect process errors and take the right measures, which has a positive impact on the production volume.

Our offer in this area expressly includes the development of new tools. Our customers can lean on us, for example, in designing complex stations or simulations of all kinds. With our expertise, we accompany you all the way to the point where the new tool reaches production maturity.

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