Brand-new CS 004 transforms production of fastening systems

Carlo Salvi is gearing up to impress the market with the launch of its latest innovation, the CS 004 machine. This new model proudly joins the company’s renowned product range, bringing with it revolutionary potential in the production of parts with a shank length up to 165 mm and the ability to feed wire lengths up to 200 mm, completing the range of its double stroke headers.

With the possibility of forming parts with head diameters of 22 mm, the new CS 004 stands out as a versatile and powerful solution for a wide range of applications. With a maximum production speed of 180 ppm, the header ranks among the company’s best products, delivering an impressive mix of performance and precision.

Versatility and precision: new horizons in the construction industry
This new machine not only ensures high versatility in the production of long parts, but also stands out for its flexibility and precision. The header has been designed to deliver accurate and repeatable results, allowing manufacturers to efficiently obtain high-quality products. Furthermore, with the CS 004, Carlo Salvi aims to become a key player in the construction industry. The ability to produce parts with new extended lengths, together with the possibility of forming wire with a diameter ranging from 4.0 mm to 10.0 mm, positions this machine as the essential ally for manufacturers looking for efficiency, versatility and quality in forming essential parts for the construction industry.

Features that make the difference: a focus on innovation
With the introduction of the CS 004, several improvements are brought to the company’s machinery fleet. The new header has been designed with a series of innovations that further enhance its performance and reliability, ensuring superior results and a positive impact on overall productivity.

Parts transfer: ergonomics and speed redefine the rules
One distinctive feature of the CS 004 is the revolutionary part transfer system. The phase positioning based on the length of the piece has become incredibly more ergonomic and faster, thanks to a cam placed in the operator’s area, whose access and adjustment is simplified by loosening two screws. This innovation not only improves the efficiency of the production process but also represents Carlo Salvi’s clear commitment to workplace ergonomics.

Condition Monitoring: Cutting-edge Technology for Prevention
Another revolutionary feature of the new CS 004 is the condition monitoring system: strategically positioned sensors constantly monitor the machine temperature, preventing seizures and major damages that could cause significant machine downtime. The use of digital pressure switches in the lubrication circuits allows real-time monitoring of the lubricant pressure, preventing damage to hydraulic pumps and mechanical components. Moreover, all this data can be integrated with Industry 4.0 technology, placing the machine in the front line of the fourth industrial revolution.

Eco-friendly oil recovery tank
The CS 004 stands out also for the brand-new oil tank with a recovery pump for collecting any accidental spills. This eco-friendly solution prevents the outflow of oil on the floor, avoiding possible leaks into the ground and confirming Carlo Salvi’s commitment to transitioning to more sustainable practices.

Parts conveyor and air filter: safety and efficiency combined
The parts conveying system with oil recovery has been improved to ensure greater efficiency. Moreover, fume extraction directly from the collection funnel prevents oily films and vapours in the operators’ area and contributes towards maintaining a safer workspace.

Bedframe for inductor installation
The CS 004 comes with a bedframe already prepared for the installation of two types of inductor coils in the die holder and cartridge right in the bedframe, providing the versatility of cold and warm forging as standard, which meets various production requirements.

Wire straightening unit: an ergonomic approach to maintenance
Finally, the position of the wire straightening unit outside the machine, with an ergonomic platform for all adjustments and maintenance on the wire inlet side, emphasises the company’s focus on practicality and ergonomics in every aspect of the CS 004.

Ready for launch: October 2024 will mark a new era
Carlo Salvi enthusiastically announces that the CS 004 will be ready for its market debut by the end of 2024. This means that companies seeking cutting-edge precision part production should prepare for a new standard of performance, versatility and reliability. The company invites manufacturers, businessmen, and industry enthusiasts to get ready to explore the CS 004, a header that promises to change the way we conceive the production of fastening systems. The end of October 2024 will represent a huge milestone for the company, when the brand-new machine will officially be unveiled to the world.

In conclusion, the CS 004 marks an exciting chapter in Carlo Salvi’s history, a commitment to innovation that will redefine the landscape of precision part manufacturing machines. The machine is on its way, and Carlo Salvi is ready to lead the industry to new standards of excellence. We eagerly await the beginning of this new era.


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