The virtual showroom is growing and thriving

In 2021, we introduced customers from all over the world to our virtual showroom for the first time. Many additional features have since been integrated to increase the added value of this offer. The showroom will also undergo continuous further development in future.

The COVID‑19 pandemic has required a great deal of endurance and flexibility – not forgetting resourcefulness. This also led to numerous innovations, which no‑one now wants to do without. A prime example of this is our virtual showroom. With this platform that can be accessed from anywhere, we have created a way to experience and get to know our product range as directly as possible, despite limited travel possibilities.

The world of Hatebur – live and in color

In an initial step, the showroom was used primarily for presenting new machines. The feedback from customers was more than clear – the offer provoked great interest and was used readily and extensively. We understood this message to be both a direct work order to expand the platform and to supplement it with additional useful functions. As a result, we began to integrate service products and services into the platform and make it accessible to users in spring 2022. For the HOTmatic AMP 50, for example, the possible modifications and upgrades are already available in the showroom. This means we can show straight away the extent of the intended conversion and which machine parts are concerned. On other machine models and conversions, we work with high pressure, including the technical data sheets which are also available in the showroom.

Economic and ecological innovation

We are proud to be making a valuable contribution in two respects with this project. We offer potential customers and existing customers the opportunity to enter the world of Hatebur live, without having to travel a long way to do so. The resulting positive effect on time and budget planning is evident. What’s more, every air‑mile saved is one step further towards more sustainability and greater protection of our environment.

We value this innovative method of commu‑nication and virtual collaboration, but we also know that it acts here as a supplement, and in no way as a replacement for in‑person meetings. We are all aware of the importance of face‑to‑face interaction, conversations in confidence and partnerships developed in the long term. That’s why we are already looking forward to seeing you again soon at a trade fair, on your premises or here at our headquarters in Reinach, Switzerland.


Metform and Hatebur write next chapter of success story

The Hatebur HOTmatic AMP 20 N has replaced a 1976 Hatebur AMP 20 in the workshop of hot forging expert Metform, taking production to a whole new level.
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Brass production on the AMP 20 S

The subject of hot forming often revolves around the processing of steel. Nevertheless, the second most frequently used material should not be ignored: Every fourth Hatebur HOTmatic AMP 20 S delivered is used to produce forging blanks made of brass.
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Vocational training at Hatebur

Hatebur has been training apprentices since 1954. This means that young people receive solid theoretical and practical training in the mechanical engineering industry. In doing so, the company provides young people with prospects for the future and, if needed, can hire well-educated specialists after they finish their apprenticeship.
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