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On site with our customer: Training…

Your cooperation with Hatebur does not end the moment an ordered machine is delivered – on the contrary, we attach great importance to ensuring that our customers’ production runs smoothly and cost-effectively. That is why we support you with a selection of tailored services.

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Hatebur COLDmatic CM 625/CM 725…

The direct drive, combined with the existing local drives of the CM 625/CM 725, opens up a wide range of untapped possibilities and savings potentials.

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AMP 50-9: Transfer unit overhaul…

We support our customers in increasing their efficiency and productivity. To that end, we continually develop not only our machines, but also the processes in our cooperation – such as component overhauls.


HM 75 XL: Even more flexible with…

Hatebur coldformers have already been using servo electric transfer systems for a number of years. With the introduction of this technology to the Hatebur HOTmatic HM 75 XL, we are writing a new chapter in horizontal hot massive forming.


ILGEN VIDA and Carlo Salvi: Sharing…

When ILGEN VIDA ordered its first Carlo Salvi header in 2003, the company laid the foundation for growth, innovation and a partnership that has flourished for more than two decades.

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The virtual showroom is growing and…

In 2021, we introduced customers from all over the world to our virtual showroom for the first time. Many additional features have since been integrated to increase the added value of this offer. The showroom will also undergo continuous further development in future.

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Saving potential with the…

Hatebur recently developed a new servohydraulic ejector module and checked it extensively at a test station. After positive results from the test run, the module was installed on the HOTmatic AMP 30 and successfully tested under real production conditions at the test center in Reinach.

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Fastener system on the Hatebur…

Using a fastening tool on the Hatebur HOTmatic AMP 30 S considerably improves the process, thereby achieving higher efficiency.

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Simulation as the key to success

For new developments, Hatebur makes the most of the latest simulation methods to validate the feasibility of innovative technological concepts and to achieve the highest level of output and maximum reliability for your forming machines under a wide range of working conditions.

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Heading to new shores with the…

When the Chinese steel producer Longteng Special Steel ordered a Hatebur HOTmatic HM 75 XL, the goal was not to merely optimize a certain process. The goal was to change the DNA of the company itself.

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Hatebur HOTmatic HM 35: A step…

After the servohydraulic bar stop was successfully integrated into the HM 75 XL and the AMP 70, Hatebur has been pursuing local drive technology for ejectors. The first introduction to the product range is set to be in the Hatebur HOTmatic HM 35.

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Servo direct drive – The time is…

Hatebur has laid the foundations for the development of the servo direct drive with experience in servo-driven functions over the last 20 years.

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Vocational training at Hatebur

Hatebur has been training apprentices since 1954. This means that young people receive solid theoretical and practical training in the mechanical engineering industry. In doing so, the company provides young people with prospects for the future and, if needed, can hire well-educated specialists after they finish their apprenticeship.

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Smart helmets - for innovative…

An example of us overcoming obstacles related to the pandemic and current travel restrictions has been the recent use of smart helmets.

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Efficient tool developments – the…

Hatebur is now offering customers the opportunity to use a timing tool online. This enables the required calculations to be generated during the development.

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Added value for our customers –…

Under the Hatebur Connect label, Hatebur will offer a range of digital services in the future.

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Impressive assembly plant in Brugg…

The activity in Hatebur’s expanded assembly facilities in Brugg is a spectacular sight: Specialists are assembling two Hatebur HOTmatic machines (AMP 50-9 and AMP 70). As soon as the assembly process is complete, both machines will be shipped to China.

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Providing customers with expertise

Hatebur provides its expertise built-up over many years directly to customers.

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Modification – Clutch/brake…

As part of developing the AMP 20 to the AMP 20 N models, the flywheel shaft compound, among others, was analyzed in more detail. The assembly was fundamentally redesigned, not only because of various technical requirements but also due to difficulties in procuring the clutch and the brake.


Revision of COLDmatic AKP 4-5 at…

Hatebur had the opportunity to do an interview with Mr. Dominique Garbe, Plant Manager at LISI AUTOMOTIVE in Dasle/France.


Metform and Hatebur write next…

The Hatebur HOTmatic AMP 20 N has replaced a 1976 Hatebur AMP 20 in the workshop of hot forging expert Metform, taking production to a whole new level.

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