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Keep up to date. Reports from the world of Hatebur.

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Efficient tool developments – the…

Hatebur is now offering customers the opportunity to use a timing tool online. This enables the required calculations to be generated during the development.

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Added value for our customers –…

Under the Hatebur Connect label, Hatebur will offer a range of digital services in the future.

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Providing customers with expertise

Hatebur provides its expertise built-up over many years directly to customers.

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Modification – Clutch/brake…

As part of developing the AMP 20 to the AMP 20 N models, the flywheel shaft compound, among others, was analyzed in more detail. The assembly was fundamentally redesigned, not only because of various technical requirements but also due to difficulties in procuring the clutch and the brake.

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Smart helmets - for innovative…

An example of us overcoming obstacles related to the pandemic and current travel restrictions has been the recent use of smart helmets.

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Impressive assembly plant in Brugg…

The activity in Hatebur’s expanded assembly facilities in Brugg is a spectacular sight: Specialists are assembling two Hatebur HOTmatic machines (AMP 50-9 and AMP 70). As soon as the assembly process is complete, both machines will be shipped to China.


Virtual Showroom

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Hatebur COLDmatic CM 625/CM 725

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