CS 513 TH one year on

Last September, Metalurgica Hassmann S.A., located in southern Brazil, received the long-awaited CS 513 TH machine, the first combined header ever produced by the Italian company. Today, almost a year later, we are very happy to learn that customer feedback is extremely positive.

One of the main aspects that the customer highlighted is the remarkable size of the machine, which has proven to be a fundamental resource in meeting the production needs of the company. The modernity of the CS 513 TH is another asset highlighted by Hassmann, who appreciated the technological innovation incorporated into the machine. Another element that has contributed significantly to customer satisfaction is the surprising silence of the machine. This feature not only benefits the working environment, but also proves attention to detail in the design of the header.

Moreover, precision of the control panels was enthusiastically praised by the technicians of Metalurgica Hassmann S.A., who found them very intuitive and efficient. Positive feedback on these aspects underlines the importance of a user-friendly interface, which simplifies machine control and management.

Support for maximum efficiency
During the initial months of production, assistance from Carlo Salvi technicians was necessary to recover the conveyor. However, it should be noted that this situa- tion was handled promptly by the Carlo Salvi team, ensuring that the machine soon reached maximum operational efficiency.

A crucial point for the customer is the die’s strength and the precision of the rolling system. The CS 513 TH has proven itself by delivering consistent performance and reliable machining results.

Finally, the customer was extremely satisfied with the investment made in the brand-new combined machine. Operational efficiency, modernity, quietness and precision fully justified the decision to invest in this advanced header.


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